What is a bail bond?

Learn how bail bonds work in Chambersburg, PA

First is simply knowing what a bail bond is. It is a financial guarantee made by a bail bondsman or agency on behalf of the defendant or accused.

Bail Has Been Set- Now What?

We will ask a series of questions regarding the defendant. Upon our decision to underwrite the bail bond, a qualified Indemnitor (co-signer) will pay a non-refundable premium (usually 7% of the bail bond amount) to the bonding agency. Any required collateral will also be secured at this time. The bondsman will then post the bond.

Scenarios After Bond Is Posted

As long as the defendant appears for all required court dates, no further monies become due and secured collateral is released.

However, if the defendant deliberately fails to appear for a court date and the bail is forfeited, AA Bail Bonds will then locate, apprehend and surrender the defendant to the courts. We understand not every missed court date is not deliberate. If a date is missed contact us immediately, we can help! We are experts.

Individuals taking financial responsibility for defendant to bonding company, such as co-signer/Indemnitor, have the following responsibilities to AA Bail Bonds:

  • Assure the accused/defendant make all court appearances
  • Assure the defendant keeps AA Bail Bonds aware of all employment, address and phone # changes
  • Make sure defendant abides by bail conditions
  • Immediately notify AA Bail Bonds of ANY violation of a no contact condition placed on defendants bail.